When our body, mind, and emotions are in balance, life-giving energy flows freely and we are happy and healthy, we become more optimistic, joyful, creative, and ready to act.


Lomi Lomi Nui also known as the “temple-style” of Hawaiian massage or Kahuna Bodywork is called by many “the most beautiful massage in the world”. 

Deeply nourishing, flowing touch helps to balance emotions and brings peace that embraces our whole being. Joints rotations and muscle stretching help release energy frozen in our body during traumatic situations and restore our movement capacity.

This multidimensional healing art was passed down through generations in Hawaii and eventually made its way to other parts of the world. Abraham Kawai’i, the father and the founder of this practice, defined it as a ‘physiologically based psycho-spiritual healing and transformation’

Give yourself or your beloved one this very special gift of Lomi Lomi session or dive deeper and transform your life profoundly during one of the retreats or workshops
I facilitate along with my partner Rafal.



My name is Izabella and I come to Aotearoa from Poland.
I’m an archaeologist by education, marketing, and public relations specialist with years of experience in the film industry, and a practitioner and teacher of holistic healing practices based on Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui/Kahuna Bodywork by choice of my heart.

For as long as I can remember my first and natural way of true connection, communicating, and expressing ‘inexpressible’ was touch. Although I forgot about it for some time.

Whole my life I have had a problem answering one of the most frequently asked questions ‘What do you do?’ For the first half of my life, I tried to explain what is ‘movie marketing’, and now it seems to be even worse. How to explain what Lomi Lomi Nui practitioners do? It has changed lately thanks to a five-year-old girl, who challenged me with this question. You can find the whole story here, however, the short answer I gave her and now give to you is: ‘I’m a body listener and storyteller, but instead of using words I use my hands.’

My main focus is to offer people support during their recovery, transition, or transformation time in life. I offer bodywork sessions based on Lomi Lomi massage and individually designed counseling and mentoring support based on the Huna philosophy. I also facilitate workshops and retreats .
How did it happen that a head of marketing in a film distribution company, running her own PR agency and a strongly mind-oriented person, decided to follow her long-time forgotten gifts and become a bodyworker?

As a PR/marketing specialist operating in the movie industry, I lived an exciting life with press conferences, gala premieres, and international film festivals. It was fast, intense, and… stressful. I pushed myself to the limits, felt more and more overwhelmed, exhausted, and drained.

Looking for balance in my life, I found a body, mind, and soul Hawaiian massage practice called Lomi Lomi. I fell in love with it from the first touch. Thanks to this bodywork art, gradually my body and my life became more balanced. I felt happier, healthier, and more joyful, it just felt like coming back home. With the great support of practitioners, guides, and teachers (including kanaka maoli – native Hawaiians) I’ve met on my path I could dive deeper into this practice, learning, evolving and unfolding my natural gifts. I am so grateful to all my teachers for this opportunity it changed my life profoundly.

Years of practicing Lomi Lomi deepened my understanding of it and improved my natural skills of communication through touch, body to body. I have experienced myself and witnessed many times watching my clients how powerful a tool of transformation, restoration, and empowerment it can be.

I invite you on this journey to the core of your authentic being, to restore balance, health, and joy. Come and support yourself in the space of healing, and empowerment during a Lomi Lomi Nui session with me, or dive even deeper and transform your life profoundly during one of the workshops or retreats I facilitate along with my partner Rafal.

You can also contact me if you need more holistic support combining bodywork with counseling and/or mentoring focused on some specific area that you struggle with, want to improve or work on – eg: acceptance and communication with your body, self-esteem, self-confidence, body-mind relation, unexpressed emotions that have frozen your body or parts of it, etc.

If you’d like to just meet with me or you think about co-create training or retreat with me I’d love to hear from You too!

* Keolahou

In Hawaiian “ke ola hou” means “new life”; My new life in Aotearoa is full of passion and joy, embracing my whole being. It could be also your new life if you choose to be so.

You will find more about my path of development here.